Monday, May 20, 2013

Teacher Gifts -- The Manicure Bouquet

Nate's last day of preschool is Wednesday (OH MY GOD!!!!) (SOMEBODY HOLD ME!!).  I have to say I am completely delighted with the way this year's teachers' gifts turned out.  I had search Pinterest for ideas and found this one that I really like:

I thought the idea was cute and the free printable pretty much sealed the deal.

But how to package it was the question?  Then it hit me... I had vases and filler left over from Jon's Suprose 40th birthday party centerpieces.  What if I made maicure bouquet?

Remember the Manly Bouquet I posted last year? 

Well I took this idea, as my jumping off point.  I took 2 of the leftover vases from the party and crammed them full of the leftover green paper filler.  Half a block of floral foam in the neck of the vase made a sturdy vase for the skewers.  I glued/taped various manicure tools (nail polish, nail file, buffer, hand cream, top coat, tissues, etc) onto the skewers and then pushed them in to the floral foam.  I covered up the foam with a little more paper filler.  Some ribbon scraps and the printable from the original Pin and the Manicure Bouquets were complete.

If I can find a shot of the whole thing I will post it later.

The teachers LOVED them and that kind of makes me feel like a rockstar! 

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