Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missoni at Target

So Missoni has come to Target.  How much fun is that?  The only problem is that everyone seems to be nuts for the zig zags and it is incredibly difficult to find anything left in the stores or on the website.  I was excited today when I found that my local target had these pumps in stock and in my size:

Cute, funcational, and bridges the gap between black and brown.... wow who could ask for more in a pump.  So I threw then in the cart and then headed over to the show section to sit down and try them on.  I took the first shoe out of the box and thought, "wow, they are kind of dusty... well, I'll just brush the dust off... huh???"

What I thought was dust, was actually MOLD.  The brand new shoes, still in the box were MOLDY.  I have never encountered such a thing.  So, I took them up to customer service and explained the situation.  The girl behind the counter was nice about it and I headed back to the display to pick out a non-moldy pair... except that there were't any.  Every pair of Missoni for Target pumps that I looked out was moldy... I was a little bummed, but more than that I can't even figure out how that happened???

How weird is that?

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