Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Let's Talk About Makeup

Because it's what I felt like blogging about today.

I am not always well rested. Shocked? I thought you would be.

I know what you're thinking. "Preposterou! You are the mother of a toddler with a full time job, how could you NOT get your 8 hours a night???"

I don't know what to tell you ladies, I really don't.

Anyway, my point is that although I don't usually get the sleep I want/ need, I have co-workers who remark on a regular basis that I LOOK very well rested... and that I chalk up to makeup!

I wear makeup to work and I suppose if you were counting products I use on a daily basis, I use a lot of makeup.

Without fail I use:

1. lip gloss -- I don't really have a preference other than it be pinky and high glass. Moisturizing is a must as well.

2. concealer -- There are 2 that I like. Soap and Glory's Trick or Treat is really thick and creamy and does the job when you haven't slept in a year but you need to make people think they should still trust you. The other is Benefit's Ooh La Lift and is not so much a concealer as it is a "luminizer," meaning that it reflect light back and hides the dark circles.

3. highlighting stick -- Also know as a "luminizer" Benefit's Eye Bright used in the inner corner of your eye, makes your face look brighter and, well, more well rested.

4. eyeliner -- I like a cream eyeliner. I think you can get a better application, with better shading, and less trauma to the lid. I like Smashbox's Cream Eyeliner.

5. mascara -- I truly believe that, although I LOVE diamonds, mascara is a girl's best friend. Nothing does more for your eyes then mascara does: darken the lashes, open the eyes, divert attention away from flaw... oh mascara what won't you do? I use mainly drug store brands, in black, non waterproof, but I got a free sample of Sephora's Triple Action Mascara and I am LOVING it! Seriously, it does not clump, ever, at all... I didn't know it was possible.

6. blush/highlighter -- I use two different ones depending on the season, the weather, the outfit I am wearing although the both do essentially the same thing... brighten: Benefit's Dandilion and Benefit's One Hot Minute.

Sorry... there is nothing remotely frugal about this post.


Emilie Lynne said...

I have been eying a lot of the little boxed blushes from Benefit ever since I saw their Legally Bronzed kit for sale at Sephora. Do they last long?

Also, if you haven't tried Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara, it's sooo awesome. It makes your eyelashes look triple thick!

Lisa said...

This post made me smile! Maybe not frugal, but sometimes a necessity.

I love lip gloss, the can-not-live -without-it kind of love.

Molly said...


I bought my Dandilion like 5 years ago and it is still going strong! I have eyed the bad girl mascara (love the name) but haven't tried it yet... maybe that will be a treat for me!