Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love to make things. I really do. It doesn't really matter if it is food related, clothing related, or gift/decoration related, I like to make stuff. The problem is that I rarely find time to actually make anything at all.

Currently on my crafting To Do list:

1. Finish the tan wrap skirt that is cut out.

2. Make the spring/summer blouse from this fabric before it is fall/winter.

3. Make this Tie Shirt for Nate in lieu of an Easter outfit.

4. Make a few bunny door hangers as Easter decorations.

5. Make a Can-Can Skirt for me

Oh yeah and...

6. Finish Nate's birth sampler (before he finishes college, I think that is a realistic goal)

7. Learn to needle felt before next Christmas

The only way I see any of this actually happening is if I chip away at it a little at a time every night after dinner, lunch packing, working out, etc.

Doesn't sound very promising... but I'll keep you posted.

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