Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am skilled in many crafts... sewing, beading, card making, cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, and probably some others too. My problem is that I don;t really seem to have the time. Work takes up an awful lot of time... weekends are for family activities and pesky things like laundry and cleaning. By the time Nate is in bed on weeknights and dinner is made, cleaned up from, lunches are packed for tomorow, etc. I am too darn tired to do much more than flop of the sofa. So, I have found myself taking days off from work and hitting one project hard. This was the case with my denim skirt.

I was able to get mt tan skirt (from the same pattern) cut out while I was on winter break, but I fear I will have to take another day off to actually get it sewn together.

ALl of this makes the fact that I created something that is super cute and functional in one night from things I already had in the house all the more amazing!

Behold... my first coffee cozy!

The fabric is a batik that I had in my stash (love me some batik!). I used felt instead of batting for the inside which is trimmer while still insulating and was what I had in the house. The loop on the left is a hair elastic and the button is vintage and came out of a bag of buttons my mom found at a thrift shop a few years ago. It is fully functional and I love it.

The pattern I used was free online and can be found here.

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You go girl!!!!!