Sunday, January 03, 2010

As Time Goes By

Week one of my break is over and I really haven't touched anything on the list I made. I was able to get my ironing done, mop the kitchen floor, and get my tan skirt pinned and cut out... Now just finding the time to sew.

On the list for this week:

- make pumpkin bread
- make low carb bread
- condition the leather furniture
- go to Michaela and have picture frame
- buy a 2010 calendar

Hubby was off this week as well and it has been really nice being all together. All of our holidays were VERY low key which wad SO nice.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and accomplished some things on your lists too!


Anonymous said...

Sooooo, hows the list going?????

Mom :)

Anonymous said...

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