Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am always inspired by Pleasant View School House, particularly the sewing projects. Anna really makes the most amazing dresses from vintage patterns I am constantly OOOOing and AHHHing over the things she creates.

Once upon a time I sewed... a lot. That time was in high school, but still it is a time that existed! I always have good intentions of sewing again... I even had a sewing room although I never used it and it was turned into the nursery, but still.

So when I saw this skirt and this skirt again.... I knew I really had to start sewing again. They are from the same pattern McCalls 5430. I love me a wrap skirt and since I recently ditched my old denim skirt I thought that I denim wrap would be a great project to start on.

The pictures are terrible (a comination of my iphone, crappy lighting, and dark, dark denim, but here is my finished product.

I was very pleased with myself. Not only did I follow all the instructions, I pressed as I went and even made a pretty decent button hole for my thrift shop button.

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