Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Better than Starbucks???

I didn't think that I would utter those words, but here I go... I think I have found coffee better than Starbucks.

Seattle's Best Coffee (their cafes are inside Borders Books & Music) make a Gingerbread Latte that is to die for... especially since it comes with a little tiny gingerbread man stuck in the whipped cream! Team this up with a snickerdoodle (Oh...my...god... are they good!) and you have a wonderful afternoon treat.

And since Borders send me coupons at least once a week and sometimes there are coupons for beverages and pastries (Something Starbucks doesn't do) Seattle's Best Coffee trumps Starbucks in my book.

Click here for a Seattle's Best Coupon (Free Drink!!!)


the voice of melody said...

Wow, that gingerbread latte sounds pretty yummy! And I do get Borders coupons all the time, maybe I should start looking at them. :)

Many sweet blessings!

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Thanks for the coupon! Going to have to check that one out!