Sunday, September 21, 2008

Organizing Menus

I decided to sit down the other night and organize all of our menus. We order out with some frequency (more than before Nate was born, that's for sure) so we have a lot of menus, all of which were stuffed in a pocket of my Longaber Large Desktop Basket. This meant that every time we wanted to order food we had to rifle though all of the menus to find the one we wanted. it was not a very effiencent system.

So I purchased one of these:

And a pack of these:

And these:

And got to work.

I slid each menu into its own page protector. If I could unfold the menus and fit them in that way I did, if not, I slid them in folded up. I then divided the menus in there sleeves into categories according to cuisine. In our case there were four categories: Asian, Deli, Continental, and Italian/Pizza. I wrote the categories on the tabs, stuck the tabs on the first page of each section, put all of the sections in the three ring binder and VOILA! organized menus.

If you have a Home Management Binder or a Flylady Control journal this could be its own separate section.

Do you know they sell menu organziers for $20.00 (plus shipping of course)? My homemade version comes in at half that. Less if you happen to have the supplies on hand.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea!