Monday, September 08, 2008

Keeping it Real

I don't know who started this, but I found it on Charming the Birds from the Trees. I guess the impetus was to show the world that even though some bloggers seem to have their acts together (I don't know that I come off as one of them) they may not or they may be just like you and I. A snap shot of your refrigerator and freezer say volumes about who you (I guess). Anyway, I thought it was a interesting idea so here they are...

The Fridge

I am proud of all the produce, the Green Juice and the kefir. The chocolate Reddi Whip belongs to hubby and the coffeemate was free :)

The Freezer

Lots of veggies here too. Homemade beef stock on the door and bags and bags of sour cherries that hubby picked from the neighbor's tree (with permission of course).

What does your fridge and freezer look like?

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