Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hallmark Deals

I was out over the weekend and stopped at one of my local Hallmark stores (Lisa, its the one in Lawrence Park) which usually has GREAT sales on all of their Vera Bradley. I was thinking about stocking up for the holidays. Well, the day I was there nothing in the Vera Bradley section caught my eye, but I was drawn to the huge 75% off sign at the back of the store.

I got two rolls of "self adhesive" wrapping paper, a pack of recipe cards, and a little coupon organizer for $5.57. I was so excited.

Then I saw the sign that said 50% off Yankee Candles, so I ended up with 2 of the really big jar candles in Vera Cruz Vanilla (or something like that) for the price of one.

The candles and the recipe cards will probably end up as gifts.

Hooray for clearance sales!

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Lisa said...

I am a huge fan of clearance sales and stocking up for birthdays and holidays!! Nice work on the good finds.