Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Stuff!

Bridget over at Purity Seekers is having a contest to win some of her homemade goodies. For anyonw who cloth diapers, you should see the wool longies she knits they are all TOO CUTE.

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Bridget said...

Hi Molly! Thanks for commenting and for the nice words :) The longies on my store are actually some my niece knit up... and the shorties are all mine :) The price just depends on the type of yarn used and the time it takes. For one pair of her longies she used super expensive wool and on my shorties the checkers and ruffles are time consuming so they are more expensive. If I don't get the money for them...I am keepin' em because I just couldn't part with them for less ;-)
Hope you win my contest!! I may be extending the contest to give me more time to create (I'm been SOOO busy lately!!) and to give others a chance to enter. I don't think the word got too far!
I'll let you know if you are a winner! :) Bridget