Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BPA Free Bottles

So this is the hot topic is babyhood these days, what bottles are BPA free and where can you find them. Since I am nursing Nate I don't have a stockpile of bottles and really haven't been worrying about this, I'm certainly not throwing out my perfectly good and fairly expensive Dr. Brown's bottles although I did return some that weren't open yet and decided that if I were going to buy anymore bottles I would buy glass or the BPA free plastic ones. Although around here Dr. Brown's glass and BPA free bottles are really hard to find, so I was kind of stuck.

Maybe this is old news to everyone else but I am just finding out about this. Dr. Brown's will replace your old bottles with BPA free ones (up to 3) if you send them the UPC from the box.

Safe Mama has the whole story and the address to send the codes in order to get the replacement bottles.

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