Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The End (of February) is in Sight

February has turned out to be a craptacular month and it needs to be over now.  I mean it, now!

So, aisde from the fact that we have seen more snowstorms here in PA then any other winter in the history of the state (actually it is the 2nd most snow filled winter since records started being kept), but we had an ice storm in the beginning of the month that knocked out our power for 5 days. Yes, this is going to sound whiney, but 5 days is a long time without power, in February, when the temperature is 14 or below.  We had to deal with generators, space heaters, trying to keep the pipes from freezing, shuffling people and pets between our house and my parents, etc. 

On top of that the (neighbor's) pine tree that hangs over the driveway way so weighted down with ice that it broke clean in half and fell on the hood of my car.

We were able to get the tree off the car and it is currently entering it's third week in the shop.  Over $5000.00 worth of damage, but hopefully I will be getting it back today or tomorrow (fingers crossed).

After the stress of these two events I got sick and was out of work for almost a week.  THen we had more snow.

Hubby's car was run into by a neighbor (different neighbor) so as soon as my car comes out of the shop his is going in.

And then today, when the end of this shitty ass month is in sight.  I was unable to find a parking spot while dropping Nate off at school this morning and so had to hover and let him out instead of walking him to the door.  He hates this!  I feel like it gets the day off to a bad start.  I couldn't find a parking spot at work, since so many of them are <> covered in snow and had to park on the other side of campus, and... to add insult to injury, I got stuck in the elevator.  I reached my floor and it just died.  Luckily I yelled for help and someone was able to pry the door open,  but still.  

I am over this winter, I am over February.  I am looking forward to March... bring it on!

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