Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Planning the Garden

Last year was the fist time that I ever tried to grow anything edible.  I kind of succeeded.  I got some peppers and tomatoes and I made into salsa and canned.

This year I am making a few changes to what I am planting (trying different things) and I am planning ahead.

This year I will try: lettuce, lavender, strawberries, morning glories, garlic, carrots, pumpkins, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, marigolds, and mint.  Some things will go in pots and some things will go in the ground.  And, if I can manage it, I will also plant several raspberry and black berry bushes.  We've tried these in the past and have not been successful, but I am willing to try again.

Do you garden?  What do you plant?  Any advice for a newbie?

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Anonymous said...

Just dig in!! LOL