Monday, February 18, 2013

A New Table for Nate

We got Nate his train table right before he turned 2, and for 2 solid years he played with it every... single... day.  Every day.  It was money well spent.  I noticed over the last year that he was playing with the Thomas trains, and in particular, the train table less and less.  He still liked to build track, bit not on the table.

I decided over my extended semester break that it was time to redo the family room/play area.  The kitchen, the work bench and the train table were all on their way out.  Luckily I have a lot of friends with small kids and was able to re-home all three of these items with very little effort  I then had to find a bigger "multipurpose" table to put in the train table's place.  Where Nate could sit and play legos, draw, build, whatever.  I was thinking Ikea would have what I wanted and what a bargain it would be for $80 to get him a table and stools all his own.

That is when my mother called me from Goodwill reporting that they had a table with 4 chairs for $25.  It was a little dirty but in, otherwise, good condition.  "Buy it!" I told her, thinking that I would always consign it if it didn't fit the bill.  A few days later she said she was going to bring it over, but that I would have to help her get it out of her car as she couldn't lift it alone.  "Hummmm."  I started to wonder about this table, after all, I could pick up the Ikea table with one hand... what kind of table had she found?

So she came over and I looked at the table.  Sold wood, solidly built (more sturdy than my kitchen table actually), with 4 painted chairs that could support an adult's weight with no problem... holy crap... is this a pottery barn table?  I searched the back and low and behold there was the sticker... Pottery Barn Kids. 

I quickly looked up the site on my phone and found out the the table and chairs together retails for $380... and we got it for $25.  Bargain indeed!

Here is the table and chairs in use just moments after setting them up and wiping them down.

My friend Therese (who I've never actually met in person) has a Pinterest board where she posts the great deals she has found in consignment and thrift shops (great way to keep track).  She has found some great deals.  I think this one ranks right up there with them! 

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Therese said...

*wiping a tear from my eye...that is such a beautiful find, Molly. Wow. POTTERY BARN!!! Also we have almost the same train set for Jack...but no table to put it on.