Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Break Projects

This week was spring break which meant I had a few days off.  Unfortunately I was sick as a dog with the cold/virus from Hell, so the plans I had made got pushed aside for some slightly lower key options.

I organized and labeled some things in the linen closet.  I cleaned up my car and removed all the boogers (thanks Nate) from the window. I did laundry, cleaned the house, ran errands, played with Nate.  And finally, I finished hanging some floating shelves in the living room.

I had been looking for floating shelves for a while now.  Of course, I saw the ones that Pottery Barn had to offer, but they were very much out of my price range.  I found these at the Chirstmas Tree Shop and at $6.99 each, decided that they were the way to go.  I think they look great and hubby likes them too.  Here's hoping they don't take a tumble off the wall!

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