Friday, March 09, 2012

Kitchen Organization the Cheater's Way

One of my favorite blogs for creative inspiration is Infarrantly Creative. Specifically, I am inspired by her post of organizing measuring cups and spoons which you can read about here.  I mean seriously, how great does the inside of this cabinet look?

Picture from:

I love how this looks, and more importantly how it functions, but I didn't really want to devote a whole lot of time to cutting, painting, screwing, labeling, etc.  So, I took the cheaters way out and bought some small Command Hooks at Target, plotted a few lines just to keep things straight, and stuck the hooks on the inside of a cabinet door.  Cost was about $6 and the time spent about 10 mintues.  And the result?

Not nearly as pretty as the Infarrantly Creative version, but just as functional.  And if I change my mind... I just pull the hooks off, no muss no fuss!

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