Monday, October 27, 2008


My plan for the day was to run some errands with my mom and Nate this morning. Go home and give him time to crawl all over the place and burn off some energy before we took clothes down to Jon at work, so he could change before the Phillies game to which he had tickets.

Nate and I left the house early, picked up my mom and made it to the Christmas Tree shop without incident. I was able to find dryer balls to replace the ones the dog ate for $1.99, a cute doodad to hang on kitchen door (it was marked $5.99 but rang up at $3.99), and Jessica Seinfield's Deceptively Delicious for $6.99. It was a good trip.''

We went to Target next. I couldn't find half of the things I was looking for and Nate was fussy, so it was a semi-successful trip.

Nate was hungry so mom and I went to lunch so that we could eat and I could feed him. He was starving so lunch was crazy! I was trying to feed him and eat myself, he didn't want to sit, he kept grabbing thingg off the table... I was a little frazzeled... so we finished lunch and headed off to Carters. Nate fell asleep in the car, which he needed to do, so my mom waited with him and I ran in. I guess I was a little too frazzeled from lunch because half way home from Carters I stopped at a MAC machine and realized that I had left my credit card there. Now I live in PA and Carters is in Wilmington DE, so I had to turn around and drive all the way back down there to get my card, which they had, thank god!

After picking up the card, I headed home again only it was coming closer and closer to the time when I needed to go downtown. Poor Nate had spent the whole day in his car seat or a shopping cart!

My mom came to my rescue and took Nate for me so I could drive home, and then downtown to give Jon his clothes. This was a very good thing becuase there was construction and traffic and it took my almost 2 hours to get downtown and back!

All total I put what appears to be 150-200 miles on my car and spent 5 hours in the drivers seat!

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