Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Bargains

Yesterday was Yom Kippur which usually means a day of fasting and atoning for one's sins. Since I am breastfeeding I do not fast, and instead on atoning for my sins, I decided to fix some of them.

I spent yesterday at the salon getting my hair colored and cut and my eyebrows waxed. it was my way of atoning for the sin of "letting one's appearance slip." (It's a sin, go look it up ;))

On the way home from the salon I stopped at Kid to Kid and found some great baby bargains. Why is it so much easier to spend money on your kids then it is to spend money on yourself?

Anyway I found this Build and Spill Turtle (retail $30, resale $12.00) for grandma's house:

This Melissa & Doug toy I had my eye on (retail $20, resale $7.50):

The cutest Robeez winter boots (retail $39.00, resale $9):

A new book (retail $7, resale $1):

And finally, Mini Boden pants to grow into (BNWT) (retail $30, resale $7):

What I would have spent (without tax): $ 126.00

What I actually spent (without tax): $36.50

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Lisa said...

I LOVE Kid-to-Kid - great job on the awesome finds. And you're so right...spending money on myself is not as much fun anymore and much easier to buy something for Sofia instead.