Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Daily Schedule...

Last summer I posted a blow by blow account of what my usual day is like. Things have changed quite a bit and I thought it might be fun to compare...


-- Alarm goes off at 7:15, snooze until 7:30 get up. Make bed.

-- Shower, brush teeth, throw up (when will this end), re-brush teeth, get dressed, put on make up, twist hair into French twist.

-- Pack up yoga clothes

-- Put away clothes that were dried and taken down the night before. Thanks hubby for bringing the laundry basket upstairs.

-- Head downstairs and open curtains.

-- Head to the kitchen to make breakfast and get lunch together.

-- Let dogs outside. Hear a lot of barking and see raised hackles, go outside to see what is going on. See that dogs have cornered a raccoon in the back of the yard, try to get the dogs inside so that we don't have to go to the emergency vet again. Luckily the little dog listens and goes inside. The raccoon scampers off but the big dog is not deterred. I lure him away from the back of the yard with the leash and the promise of a treat. I get the leash on him and bring him inside.

-- Once both dogs are inside I can get back to breakfast and lunch. Dogs are throttling themselves against the sliding glass door to get back outside. It ain't gonna happen boys!

-- Gather up lunch items: Chicken noodle soup, grapes, dried apricots, and animal crackers. Toast bagel for breakfast, spread with peanut butter (more protein than butter).

-- Put up baby gates to contain big dog, put the little dog in his crate, give everyone a treat and then head out the door. Eat bagel in the car with ever present ginger ale while driving to work.

-- Decide I need coffee. Stop at Wawa to get said coffee with milk and sugar.

-- 8:45 - 4:30 WORK

-- After work head to Goodwill to see if they have any good maternity clothe, baby clothes, books, or anything that could be used as a gift. I end up with an armful of books for me and the baby. I will post picks later.

-- After Goodwill I head to my parents house to visit with them and kill time before yoga begins.

-- at 5:50 I head of to the yoga studio for my prenatal yoga class.

-- 7:45 leave yoga studio and head home. I'm home by about 8:10.

-- Greet hubby and the dogs. Put my bags away and lunch containers in the sink. Eat dinner (a bowl of shredded spoonfuls and soy milk) ok 2 bowls of shredded spoonfuls with soy milk. Read my mail.

-- Put dinner dishes in the dishwasher which is full and needs to be run. Add dishwasher detergent and start dishwasher.

-- Hubby and I head to the family room with the dogs to catch up on Rescue Me on DVR.

-- Watch the episode we missed and 3/4 of the new episode before heading upstairs to bed.

-- Brush teeth, remove makeup, wash face, get in bed with body pillow @ 11:00.

-- hubby and the dogs come up a few minute later.

-- I am asleep immediately.


-- Wake up when baby wakes up, today it was 7:45

-- Change diaper

-- Nurse baby

-- Change baby out of PJs and into clothes

-- Pump (breastmilk) while baby plays on bed

-- Shower while baby naps in bouncy seat

-- Get dressed while baby naps

-- Eat breakfast while checking email and blogging

-- Baby wakes up.

-- Feed baby, change diaper

-- Run errands (if there are any) or clean

-- Eat lunch

-- Feed baby

-- Change diaper

-- Hopefully baby takes a nap. If not entertain baby

-- Feed baby

-- change diaper

-- Feed Dogs

-- Eat Dinner

-- Bath baby

-- Put baby in PJs

-- Feed baby

-- change diaper

-- Put baby to bed

-- Collapse

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh the good life!