Tuesday, April 08, 2008

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Lisa to share 7 random facts about myself,so here goes...

1. I have seen the movie Gone with the Wind 47 times and counting. When I get to 100, I will stop.

2. I would much rather cook and eat at home than go out to eat at any type of restaurant.

3. I am reluctant to put my favorite childhood toy (a stuffed dog named "Drooper") into a space bag for fear that he wouldn't be able to breath.

4. My favorite city in all the world is Annapolis, MD. With London coming a close second.

5. I have driven 2 + hours for a bowl of soup (She-Crab soup, and it was worth it)

6. Hubby and I had Marge and Homer Simpson on top pf our wedding cake.

7. I am obsessed with pearls of every shape, size, and color.

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1 comment:

Anthony and Lisa said...

I remember the wedding cake topper - it was great!