Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anti-Procrastination Day 3 (for me)

The day is still young but I have alreday (YEAH ME!) tackled one thing I am been procratinating on... RECYCLING!

Since our recycling bins are outside and it is cold outside, the things that need to be recylced tend to pile up on the kitchen counter. Since we are have a guest for the weekend it was imperative that the recycling get taken out... and it did, this morning, on my way to work.

Hopefully I can report tomorrow that the ever elusive curtain for the sliding glass door has been hung.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

We have a screened in porch and there usually one bag or another waiting to be taken "all the way out" to the cans. Great job braving the weather!

Rean Day

Tammy said...

My recycling tends to pile up too! I have a large cabinet that has two trash cans in it, but they tend to over flow from time to time! Great job!