Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anti-Procrastination Day 2

I really am trying to stick with this. So far today I have taken care of three things that I have been procrastinating about

  1. I returned some fabric to Joann's

  2. I took 3 HUGE bags of junk to Goodwill

  3. I took two slightly smaller bags to the consignment shop,/li>

Boy does it feel good to clean out.

Since I will be at work late tonight, I don't think anything else will be getting finished, but who knows... stranger things have happened :)


Anonymous said...

Great job with the challenge. I have quite a few things I need to take to Goodwill as well. It has been so nice looking at all the other ladies' Anti-Procrastination Challenges. They are giving me more ideas. (which could be good or BAD!!)

And I love your it a Vera Bradley? I fell in love with them not too long ago. I of course bought the Hot Pink one that matches absolutely NOTHING...but in an odd sort of way it matches everything too! LOL

Rean Day

Tammy said...

Doesn't it feel so good to get things out of the house? I love that feeling! I have some things hanging around my house that need to be taken to a thrift store!

Kelli said...

Good job! I have some things to take to Goodwill too.

Molly said...

Rean Day,

I am a Vera Bradley-A-holic! I have several bags that don't match anything and I carry them all proudly. Her new colors from Spinrg/Summer are fabulous and I am having a hard time deciding.

Anonymous said...

I got a "Classic Black" one for winter. I figured it would be silly to carry around a Hot Pink bag in the middle of winter. I think I was wrong. The colors are so FUN!! I love e-bay for my bags. I will have to check out the new colors!

Rean Day