Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things are Not as they Appear.

Last year I bought a white blouse from Boden, one of my absolutely favorite clothing sites.  I wore it once and then it never really came out of the closet again.  The other day, as I was cleaning out my closet I pulled the blouse out to donate.  Looking it over I decided that I might as well try dying it a different color first and seeing if I wear it more.  I knew I had a pack of tulip dye in my craft supplies so I pulled it out and got to working prepping the dye bath. 

I heated up the water and added the salt and dye and thought that the color looked wrong but you know sometimes with dye it looks one way in the pot and another way on the fabric. So I added my shirt and stirred.  I stirred some more and then I stirred some more... nope they dye in my "pink" package was definitely not pink... it was green... :/

What do you think?


Mossville said...

What the heck? Did you keep it or donate the shirt- or not dye it at all?

Molly said...


I kept it. It actually turned out pretty cute, just green.