Saturday, July 06, 2013

Homemade Weed Killer That Really Works!

For years we used RoundUp to kill the weeks growing on the patio and on the driveway.  But for a few years I have been looking for a natural (and cheaper) alternative.  Last year the Internet steered me in the direction of white vinegar.  So I sprayed it on the weeds and nothing really happened.  I ended up just pulling out some and I think Jon sprayed what was left with Round Up. 

This year I was determined to find a formula, that used things I already had in my house and that actually killed the weeds. I have succeeded!

You will need:

1 spray bottle
1/4 cup of salt (any kind will do)
1 generous squirt of blue Dawn Dish Washing Liquid(Only Blue will Do!)
White Vinegar

1.  Pour the 1/4 cup of salt into the spray bottle (the funnel makes this a lot easier)
2.  Squirt in some blue Dawn (1 Tablespoon is about what I put in)
3.  Fill the rest of the bottle with white vinegar.
4.  Shake up and spray on weeds. 

You will get faster results if you spray the weeds while in the sun.  If they are in a shady spot you might need more than one application.

Proof that my weed killer works... dead weeds!

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