Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer Crafting

I did squeeze in some crafting this summer...

I made this adorable sushi necklace

I finally (why did I wait so long???) bought a rotary cutter and mat and whipped up this pillow from a thrifted cashmere sweater

I decided that I was tired of throwing away unused (i.e. dry) night time pull ups, so I decided to try my hand at making reusable night time trainers for Nate.  They were easy to put together (I used the Trimsies Trainer pattern, and bought my supplies here) and they looked fantastic.  Unfortunately Nate REFUSED to wear them, so I sold them all on DiaperSwappers :(

Finally I started sewing pillowcases.  They are so easy to sew and come together so quickly that they are truly a nap-time project.  I use these directions for my pillowcases.

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