Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Random Things for Wednesday -- The "I don't get it" edition

1.  Mustaches -- Not the kind made of facial hair the other kind.  The kind that everyone seems to be obsessed with.  The ones that are showing up on mugs, necklaces, on sticks to be held up in photos... I don't really get it.
2.  Open Toe Boots -- boots keep your feet warm, open toes keep your feet cool... "One cannot exist while the other lives"
3. Rubber Rain Boots on Adults -- seriously... they are plastic people.  Adults should not wear plastic shoes.  The end!
4.   Quidditch Leagues -- Yes, people get together on the weekends and run around with brooms clamped between their thighs and try to throw soccer balls through hula hoops in sticks.  Does not compute!!!!
5.  This Obsession with Candy Corn -- Sure, its cute.  Sure you can only get it one time of year, but everywhere I turn everything is candy corn themed.  Fudge, waffles, cupcakes, crafts, costumes, socks, it going on and on.  I don't have anything again candy corn, but in the battle of best candy, candy corn hardly enters the competition.

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