Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Good Things...

Must come to an end, so they say.  My winter break (an almost 3 week long vacation) has come to an end and I am back at work officially.  UGG!  I did not want to come back, really.  The longer I stay at home the more potential projects I see and the harder it becomes to get back into the routine of work.  But, it does pay the bills, so here I am.

Unlike most years where I post about what I wanted to get accomplished over break and what didn't get done.  This year I had no real plans, other than to get Nate out of a crib and into a bed.  I did get a great deal accomplished though, and got to sped a lot of time with my little guy.

1.  Moved Nate from a crib to a "big boy" bed.  It went so much better than I ever imagined.

2.  Put pieces of felt between my non-stick pans.  Last year my mother-in-law bought me a wonderful set of green non-stick cookware.  I had been storing it with my other pots and pans in a great heap in a low cabinet.  I decided that since I really love this cookware and want it to last as long as humanly possible, I better start treating it nice!  You can buy these things to put between pots and pans so that they don't get scratched, but a piece of felt (which I have plenty of) works great too.

3.  Finished Nate's birth sampler.  Ok, so this is kind of a cheat.  I started this wonderfully complex Noah's Ark sampler before Nate was born.  THat I put aside and found a much smaller and less complex sample that I started and finished in about 3 days.  I don;t even care, he has a sampler and that was the important thing.  Now to get it framed.

4.  Shredded old files.  3 kitchen garbage bags full of old files!

5.  Made LOTS of ice cream with my gelato maker.  3 pounds (of fat on me) worth of ice cream.

6.  Purged the House, cleaned the house, reorganized the house.  Self explanatory and on-going.

7.  Took Jax to get a bath.  This dog is terrified of water and I would much rather pay $30 to the people at Petsmart and let him hate them then try to wash him myself and have him hate me.  It was so worth it too, he is a minky as ever!

8.  Cooked, baked, ran errands, shopped, played LOTS of Trains, shoveled snow, etc, etc, etc.


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